Dave Murphy:


(Photograph courtesy of Peter Prato)

Dave Murphy is a native Californian, a dual citizen, an armchair philosopher, and an entertainment attorney with a passion for creative expression.  He was motivated to study intellectual property law by his love of music.  His interestes include outlaw country, gangster rap, and everything in between, as long as it is skillfully crafted and communicates genuine feeling.  Dave likes to nerd out on copyright policy, American fiction, and business strategy.  He considers running the trails of Northern California while listening to his latest favorite album to be a spiritual experience.

Twitter: @realdavemurphy

Rajiv (RJ) Pal:

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.14.22 PM

Rajiv (RJ) Pal is a JD/MBA graduate from Golden Gate University School of Law. His academic and professional focus revolves around the intersection of business, technology, and the law. He is primarily interested in the ways that people acquire, access, and consume media. This includes music, movies, television programs, and, near and dear to his heart, video games. Most importantly, RJ desires to see Creatives utilize the new media landscape to produce the best content possible while finding new and ingenious ways to be compensated for their work.

Twitter: @rajivpal


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